Climbing Together: About Us

Hello everyone! Thanks for checking out our blog on climbing and adventures. In this blog you will find training information for becoming a stronger climber, lessons learned through climbing, current events in climbing, nutrition, trip reports, and any other things related to the world of climbing and adventures. Climbing Together is originally a group. If you live in the area, you are welcome to join for climbing and adventure partners. Out of that meetup group, we created this blog, a twitter page, and a Facebook page which I work hard to keep as up to date as possible with climbing news. When someone starts climbing, it usually doesn’t take long for the addiction to set in. Most climbers I have met, do not merely just climb, but also want to absorb all of the culture and lifestyle that is climbing. Most people eagerly seek out information about the sport, getting stronger, and what’s going on in the climbing community. The Climbing Together goal is to make all that easily accessible for a climber who might not know where to find it all, as well as seasoned climbers who’d like a one stop place to get a bit of everything. Climbing Together is not a business or any official organization, though we have in the past held contest, given out prizes, and written as many product reviews as we could. We may have those things to offer in the future as well.

Feel free to check us out everywhere. We appreciate all support and look forward to doing bigger and better things as time goes on.


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