Ice Pond Bouldering


This weekend, we ventured slightly over the New York border to try out the Ice Pond bouldering. Ice Pond actually is on Mountain Project, so if you want to check out all the possible routes:

It was a beautiful location. There is a nice little space for parking. The large pond covered in a sheet of ice next to a railroad is stunning. It’s an active railroad too. I watched some trains go by while resting.The hike in is pretty easy going. The rock quality is excellent! The climbs we got on were fun, yet challenging. Since it’s winter, it is easy to see lots of boulders and find your way around. The trails are pretty good too, but it’s probably a good idea to go with someone who knows where they are going.

When you walk in, there are just tons of boulders everywhere. This always leads me to think there will probably be a lot more room for development as people get interested and try out different parts. The rock feels solid and the holds are friendly. I didn’t get on anything that felt sharp or gritty. It all felt pretty smooth. There was a wide variety of hold types on the climbs I tried out too.

When we first got there, we started with a couple of fun V2 ish climbs. One was a cool lie back rail, and the other was a fun arete. The top outs were a bit tricky and slopey, but the climbs were interesting. Both took a little bit of thinking, but once you got it, felt good.

Then we moved on to a cool v8 lip traverse, called Evolution. Alex was able to send this one pretty quick. Everyone had fun working on it.


While I didn’t try to climb it, I got a look at the v1 Warm up. It looks beautiful. It’s a long rail ledge that is known for being a bit sketchy at the top because it’s high up, not such a great looking landing (well because of the tree at least), and all that. The climb looks gorgeous though. It stands right out when you near the area. It has a bit over 3 stars, so people really seem to like it. We were told by one of the people that did climb it, that it was a bit sharp. However, it looks like cool holds from the bottom.

I got on some really interesting climbs, but I’m not sure what they are. The people I was with didn’t know, I don’t see anything on mountain project, and for all I know they might not have been officially climbs. They were fun though, and had chalk so I’m sure I’m not alone in at least trying them. I would say they are on the easier side. Maybe v0-v1, but definitely not higher than that. At least not the way I was climbing them.



I was drawn to them by how neat the rock looked. They both had fun movement. One starts with an undercling and pinch (at least this is what I did). You get a foot and press up to grab a nice jug. Then the rest is pretty easy jugs up, but with the bulge in the rock it can be a bit tricky to see feet. The other one was a fun arete climb that involved big moves to good holds. I think that one would be a good, easy warm up.

It was very cold out, and we tired out pretty quick on the first few climbs. We weren’t there all that long. It was worth the trip. Now that we’ve seen how good the rock quality is and how fun the movement is, we will surely be back.




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