Happy First Day of Summer!


Summer is a time known for relaxing, soaking up the sun, and getting outside. Since today is the first day of summer, it’s also the longest day of the year. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy that sunshine. A more unique aspect of this particular summer solstice, is that it will be a full moon. I look forward to heading out with the camera and seeing if I can get some nice pictures of that. Moon photography has been an interest of mine lately.


One of the best things about summer for adventure enthusiasts, however, is that it offers ideal conditions for a new set of activities. The obvious thought is water sports like surfing, wake boarding, paddle boarding, etc. If you are a climber, the conditions aren’t the best. Sweaty hands and friction don’t mix well, but you can use this opportunity to catch up on some much needed training, explore the world of alpine bouldering, night climbing with headlamps, or you can just suck it up and enjoy hanging out in warm sun giving it your all.

We’ll be working hard on training for the fall temps through out the summer. I’ll keep you posted on new training ideas. I’ll also be exploring some new adventures with the adventure sport of the month. Featured for July will be diving. I’m excited to learn more about that!

What are some summer sports interest you have? What are you psyched to accomplish in the warmer months? Feel free to leave a comment and maybe we’ll feature your sport or activity of interest in one of the upcoming blogs.

Whether you’re out and active, relaxing by the pool, or working hard to earn money for the stuff you love to do, I hope you enjoy this pleasant summer day!

blue jay


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