Climbing Together is Famous


Go local cover

To read the article you can go here:

Go Local front.jpg

It is an interesting experience being in a magazine. It’s one I didn’t necessarily think I would be fortunate enough to have. Talking to someone about your passion and being able to share it is incredibly rewarding, but also difficult. Putting into words what climbing is like and how it effects you is something that many have struggled to convey. People have described it as a lifestyle, an addiction, their whole life, and just something that they need to do. All these things and more are true. There is something unique about the love of climbing, and I am blessed the writer was able to capture that with understanding. The article is very beautifully written, and I’m pleased to have the experience of being represented well, or at least I think so. Thank you to everyone at Go Local! I really love it, and I hope Climbing Together will continue to grow as a cool place for climbers to get information and news.

Go local middle


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