Is There Something We Don’t Know?

This past weekend, the weather was surprisingly ideal for climbing. The sun was shining bright, everything was dry, and the humidity was very low. It actually felt a little cool. It was the best you could ask for in summer time conditions, so we decided to head out to Great Barrington, MA, which can be argued to be some of the best bouldering in New England. The rock quality is impeccable, and there is a wide variety for both grades and style of climbing.

Great Barrington

When the car pulled up to a completely empty parking area, it felt close to apocalyptic. When is such an amazing climbing destination ever anything but packed? We couldn’t help but wonder if there was something we didn’t know, but what could it possible be? It was the weekend, a reasonable morning time, and an insanely gorgeous day. Strange as it was, it just made the day all the better. We had all these stunning boulders to ourselves.

The approach to the boulders made us feel like we were discovering the area for the first time. It normally has pretty nice trails that are reasonably easy to pick out, but currently there are many wild plants taking over. As we made our way through the tangled jungle of wildflowers and pricker bushes, it felt like quite an adventure. A very nice looking one I might add, because the flowers are super pretty.

At our first boulder, we met this awesome friend….


and enjoyed some decent conditions. The rock was dry, the friction was alright, and the temperature was relaxing.


Oddly, no one made any sends this day, but everyone made progress on all their projects. Therefore, it was a happy day all around.

We also went for a post-climb meal at the Gypsy Joynt, which is an awesome place: Those who had eclectic BBQ meals and beer raved about it being excellent.  They have a really great selection of salads and decent burgers. The blueberry ice tea was very refreshing and fresh after a long day of climbing. The music was great, the atmosphere was fun, and it was an overall cool place.


Great Barrington is definitely one of our favorite areas, but by all means continue not coming because it is wonderfully peaceful having the whole place. I’m sure this will change quickly in the fall when the chilled temperatures amp the bouldering psyche way high again, but until then we hope to keep getting cooler summer days to enjoy it.


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