What Mountains See

rockWhat Mountains See

Imagine all the glorious sunrises and sunsets;

rich purples, vibrant yellows, and fiery reds

splashed across a vast open sky.

Golden rays of sun light delicately brushing treetops

until they glow colorfully with unfathomable radiance.

Billowing, thick, gray clouds and the gentle caress of raindrops;

watching endless shows of crackling white light

and the purple glow of summer storms.

The shimmering blanket of white snow draped

Across outstretched, welcoming branches.

Mountains undoubtedly would have a different perspective.

They would see creatures sometimes seen by us as fearsome;

instead as loving and searching for shelter in the crevices and pockets.

They would see eyes longing for home and protection

and through that would feel perhaps a strong sense of connection.

Mountains may not like when youth paint across their faces,

but what would they think of seeing someone in that moment of expression?

Seeing someone pouring their creativity and emotion into something

in hopes of finding belonging, in hopes of inspiring, in hope of remembrance.

Or would the mountains wonder why we cannot see their own pure beauty

as being more than enough to instill awe and striking revelations?

Mountains may find it humorous that climbing their being

makes us feel fulfilled, humbled, and adventurous.

They might feel honored or they might feel disbelief.

Yet imagine seeing first hand that kind of passion.

Imagine being a physical part of someone pushing past their limits,

seeing the whole world with a different sort of meaning,

and learning more in one moment than many can in years of time.

The mountain bears witness to our greatest moments of triumph.

The moments you yell in happiness wishing everyone could hear you.

They also see the darkest, most painful, and most desperate of times;

times we don’t understand anything anymore or why we even try.

They are there for moments so sweet they are hard to describe.

They witness hidden kisses, the wonder of intrepid children,

that smile that spreads across your face as you bask in solitude.

Can you imagine all the wisdom, all the joy, and all the understanding

that could come from seeing all of these things that mountains see?

red mountain


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