Dreams of Streams

In honor of the first day of May and the beautiful spring weather, I have included a poem I wrote about what life would be like as a stream. It is a silly and very fun, yet also inspiring activity to imagine yourself as different parts of the world/environment. Hopefully one about rocks will be coming soon.

If I could be anything
it’d be my dream to be a stream
streams are playful
rolling down hills
gliding over boulders
dancing around fish
and splashing around

When people heard what I’d say
it would bring them peace of mind
it would bring them calm and quiet
a great sense of restfulness, relaxation
my voice would relieve their worries
help them sleep and breath deep
show them the beauty of solitude

I’d see the most amazing sights
mountain ranges, vast meadows
open skies, and enchanting flowers
trees with rays of golden light
that shine between leaves

I’d be very positive
sun would make me sparkle and glisten
rain would build me up, give me strength
wind would push me forward
chilling temperatures would slow me down
sometimes we all need to pause and break

I’d have a true sense of purpose
I would be an integral part of the cycle
have a wonderful and endless journey
and a strong sense of direction

pawtuckaway bridgeDanbury stream



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