Thank You to Mad Rock, Princeton Tec, and Voltaic

mad rockprinceton

We wanted to say a big thank you to Mad Rock, Princeton Tec, and Voltaic for this generous Power Your Dreams Giveaway, that we won! My climbing goals involve getting strong, traveling to exciting new climbing areas, and doing my best to help out the climbing community. Traveling and embracing all aspects and diverse areas of the climbing culture are at the forefront of plans. It is amazing seeing all the beautiful nature and stunning climbs that are there. We love meeting climbers from all over and hearing about their own personal endeavors. We hope to climb everywhere in the world we can. I think this new gear will help a lot. The Voltaic solar charger is awesome looking, and it is really good to know we can use it to do some good for the environment as well. Alternative forms of energy are amazing and we are definitely excited to take part. This charger will be helpful for trips where we don’t always have access to outlets. We’ll let you know how it works as we use it more.

The Princeton Tec rechargeable headlamp is a cool idea. Headlamps can surely come in handy. Sometimes, in the summer, nighttime is the only offering of climbable temps. Sometimes you just get so psyched climbing, the sun going down isn’t enough to pull you away. Headlamps have helped us often, and if I can use only this one and never buy another, well that’s pretty awesome too.

Of course, having a new harness right in time for sport climbing season is great. The harness I had was starting to get old and therefore, painful to use. It was digging into me instead of offering cushion. Since projecting is in our hearts, it is good to have a comfy harness. So far, this mad rock one is great at that. It has a lot of belt loops, it has a great look to it, and it feels nice. All things work pretty well in the beginning, so I’m excited to see if it will hold in the test of time. Right now, however, I’m really pleased with it. It fits perfectly. Again, with sport season starting, these quickdraws came right in time. I’m already envisioning Rumney, NH and the Red River Gorge, but of course, new areas would be great. Climbing in Clear Creek, Colorado was a favorite of mine too. There are so many amazing crags, and this gear will make the experience a fun one.

I’ve never tried these new shoes, but I’m looking forward to it. I’ve had the Mad Rock Contact 2.0s in a size 6.5 and they fit snug and comfy. However, the size 7 in these lotus shoes did not get on my foot. I’m going to try a bigger size and I’m really excited, but it might be worth noting if you get these they may be a little truer to your street shoe size as my street shoe is an 8.5. Keep in mind, this is in no way a complaint. The truth is all climbing shoes fit differently. I’ve fit in different sizes in each pair I’ve had. It is good to know a basis for how they run when ordering a pair for yourself. These are also made for women, whereas the others weren’t. Differing sizes is natural, and not an issue. Updates will come, but this gear is looking awesome and I could not be happier.

I’m really super thankful and think these companies are awesome! Thank you for helping with my climbing dreams. I know this gear will be a big help and I’m really looking forward to using it. As a bonus, we also got these awesome posters which are hanging on the apartment walls. Our Apartment is covered in climbing posters like a dorm room, but we love it.

mad rock posters


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