A Truly Inspirational Time in Climbing

Many people have spent the last couple of weeks eagerly eating up all the news about the Dawn Wall. From articles in the New York Times and other newspapers to shout outs from President Obama, it was clear climbers weren’t the only ones. The Dawn Wall caught a lot of attention and admiration. Though it may have been a project that went misunderstood to some, for many it was incredibly inspiring. A large crowd of people, myself included, were rooting for their success. This was a project that took many years, lots of work, and tireless dedication. It was a beautiful journey to watch and unbelievable to see unfold. I have no doubt people were and current are seeking out their own Dawn Wall; powered with encouragement and high motivation from being moved by this incredible endeavor.

From Adidas Outdoors

From Adidas Outdoors

While the Dawn Wall is certainly impressive and will stick in people’s mind for many years to come, there is much more inspiration to be had. Daniel Woods recently sent the mega project at Bishop. While this might not hit newspapers and will most likely stay in the climbing community, it is still a very impressive moment. This project could be V16 and could be taking bouldering to an even higher level. Which reminds me, female climbers are probably still captivated and inspired by all the female climbing feats met in this past year. We are only in the first month of 2015. In 2014, the ladies took the climbing world by storm with several climbers pushing to V14.

2014 was a very strong year for climbing, with major climbs being accomplished, but 2015 is already showing it is going to push that much further. That is one of the greatest things about our sport. When it seems like everything that could be done, has been done, we are humbled by how much more can be accomplished. We are inspired by all that we are actually capable of. Climbing is one thing that has always made me believe those sayings that anything and everything is possible, because each year the climbing world seems to prove that it is. So get out there, try hard, and find your own Dawn Wall. It’s not about seeking the hardest climb, but finding your biggest personal project and pushing past your own boundaries. You’d be surprised how much you more you are capable of than you once imagined.


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