Always Something to Explore


Enfield, CT is one of those places that seems to border on being a town or small city. It is heavily populated and filled with commercial buildings, warehouses, and shopping. It is also known for having a large amount of restaurants. What is is not commonly known for, is wildlife. There are some farms, mostly tobacco, but there is also corn, strawberry picking, pumpkin picking, and green houses.

Many people drive through Enfield or past it by taking the highway from the major city of Hartford CT to Springfield, MA. Most people only know where it is when I say it is close to Six Flags New England. It is a great place for finding a job as there are so many buildings and businesses there. It has some major corporations like Lego, Mass Mutual, and Brooks Brothers. It is also the area to go out for dinner since it has an incredible amount of places to eat in a small radius. Enfield, CT, is not a bad place to be, however, when I’m looking to explore nature, it usually is not where I head.

Having said that, Enfield is home to this extraordinary field of sunflowers. I drove past them and knew I had to grab my camera and head back.


I am not alone in my love of these flowers. In fact, every day I see lines of cars pulled over. People are taking pictures, watching them, trying to walk through them to find themselves surrounded. People love these flowers. It is impossible not to look at them without a smile.

These flowers grow beautiful and strong on a street filled with warehouses where big semi trucks make pick ups. They are manufacturing buildings and industrial buildings. These flowers light up an otherwise completely bland set of buildings. Well, except that they are across from the Lego Day Care which is a building that looks like giant Legos and is therefore, kind of cool.

sunflower with bee

I find myself envious of these workers for the fact that they can have a lunch break sitting with these flowers. They may be able to see this when they look out their workplace windows. What a perfect field this is for children to see all summer. How amazing is it to be one of the houses that live across from it? I’d feel amazing waking up to this sight before driving off to work each morning.

It really shows you that an area worth exploring can be anywhere. These stunning field seems in the most unlikely place. It adds so much cheer to the area, but many would never know it was there. Our world is filled with amazing sights and beautiful places. No matter where you are, it is worth exploring.



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