Newport, Rhode Island

Newport Beach

Summer seems to be in full swing with the hot temperatures and pollen dusted cars. While there are some summer days that leave us huddled around the Air Conditioner, for the most part summer is a great time to explore the outdoors and bask in the warm rays of sun.

This weekend I was able to see the gray and turquoise ocean and hear the gentle roar of waves, with a beach picnic to celebrate a friend’s Bachelorette party. Sail boats had the ocean covered; taking advantage of the cool, windy weather. Kite flyers, sea gazers, and BBQ family parties were scattered across the shore.

newport beach 2

Newport, RI may be more known for its mansions, yachts, and well dressed night population, but there are some excellent adventures to be had there on any budget. First of all, exploring Brenton point is completely free. It is an excellent place to picnic, grab a fresh cup of Dell’s Lemonade, and let your imagination go wild with some of the hidden treasures among the trees. We explored an abandoned tower that reminded us of Rapunzel, felt chills from an abandoned farm house with danger signs everywhere which reminded of of a perfect zombie battle location, and climbed the best trees for climbing I’ve ever seen. It was almost like being in an episode of the “The Walking Dead,” with lush greens covering spooky abandon buildings and innocent attempts of fun mixed between.

zombie house

rapunzels tower

me in tree

me in tree 2

I did try to climb the tower, but it proved unsuccessful. The stone edge crimps were a little too small for my sneakers, and my hands kept breaking off pieces. It looked so promising, however. The trees were quite a different story. They were highly climbable and had some excellent secret hidden jugs. Unfortunately, many of them were large pools of water and mud collected in the branches. Either way, it was worth it.

After that we attended the Strawberry Festival. It was a great venue filled with folk music, delicious fresh strawberry shortcake with local farm fresh whipped cream, and hand made crafts. We found jewelry made of sea shells, paintings on sea shells, pictures that changed from night to day depending on where you were standing, and various other neat things.

It felt refreshing to feel that salt tinged ocean air, the soft vibrantly green grass, and the soothing beams of sun. The summer adventures are starting to begin, and I’m fully psyched for them! What summer adventures do you have planned?

Dells on beach


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