Time to Get Outside

bird on deck

Whether you are someone looking to kick up their feet in front of a nice outdoor view or someone who likes the hands on approach to adventuring through the woods, paddling down rivers, surfing waves, or climbing rocks, summer has something to offer for you.

While each season and time of the year has something thrilling, beautiful, and graceful to offer from nature, we are going to focus on summertime because it is here.

Many of us have just wrapped up memorial day BBQs, a long weekend of hiking, opening pools, watching parades, and/or sitting around the campfire. Or maybe you took the extra day to venture a little further for a climbing trip, fishing trip, or camping trip. What I do know for sure is that I saw more people than ever outside this weekend. It seemed like the nice weather and relaxing nature of a smaller holiday was enough to pull all sorts outside.

This weekend marks the time of year that swimming pools start getting open, and gardeners begin to feel comfortable planting outside again. The last frost dates for the most part have passed, and the extra hours of sunlight give people more time to play around their yards. The rivers are crowded with fishers and the air smells of fresh cut grass.

flower box

There are numerous things to get you psyched to spend some time outdoors, but the important part is that we do. Whether you are exploring the woods for new plants and blossoming flowers, trying to lure in a trout for dinner, growing a colorful garden, struggling to climb a grade higher on your outdoor sport route project, or paddling through white rapids, getting outside feels great.

We love the smells that come with spring and early summer. All the pollen, though it might make us puffy and sneezing, does smell fragrant and beautiful. The freshly cut grass is often a favorite smell of people, the summer rain smells soothing, and even that fertilizer smell can spark up some nostalgia.

There is so much to do in summer when it is warm enough to wander around comfortably, hot enough to play in the water or seek higher, cooler, altitudes, and colorful and bright all around us. Take some time to enjoy the outdoors. Plan an adventure, read a book while resting on a hammock or lying in vibrant green grass, plant some flowers or trees, or wander around taking in the sights and smells.

It is a fantastic time to get outside!


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