The Outdoor Addiction


Lately, it seems like the more we get outside to climb, hike, and enjoy wandering around new areas exploring, it becomes harder to come back inside. Each time I take my lunch break, to walk the dog, being surrounded by blue skies, brilliant sunlight, and fluffy looking white clouds makes walking back into the boxed off office after feel like pure dread. I bask in those outdoor moments and find myself desiring them more and more often.

It’s not just the pleasantly warm temperatures and colorful sights that accompany spring.I can remember many times in the winter where I would bundle up and wander out the door to roam around looking at the stars. The stars often are their brightest and clearest in the barely endurable cold of winter. Regardless of the weather or time of year, there is this constant pull to spend more time outside.

Due to the weather being a tad more agreeable, our outdoor climbing has been much more frequent than the indoor climbing. I know there is something intrinsically more pure and fascinating about outdoor climbing, but I’ve always enjoyed the gym for its own reasons. You meet a lot of people, share stories of climbing excitement, and encourage each other. You work on problems that are just different than those outside. Each has its own complexities to offer. Normally I walk into the gym with an easy comfort of being somewhere well known and accepted. Yesterday, however, the experience felt surreal.

I enjoyed the climbs I did, but it felt degrees more different than ever before. It felt strange and I found myself daydreaming about the next outdoor opportunity.

We have found ourselves particularly addicted to climbing and hiking in the New Hampshire area. There is something about New Hampshire that feels comforting and welcoming when you arrive. We’ve already been bouldering at Pawtuckaway a number of times, yet we still feel the anxious call to return.

josh 2

With the plethora of climbs that the area offers, we will be set with agendas for many more trips to come. There are so many interesting and worth trying climbs. An abundance of greenery growing in and relaxing streams rushing along, make a feast for the eyes. As sport climbing seasons falls upon us, we surely will feel the pull to return to our well loved Rumney as well.

For the past few weeks, I have surely been living for the weekends. It has been rewarding to spend all this time outside in places that just bring a smile right to my face. It seems the more time we spend outside, the calmer and the more overall content I feel. However, the urge to wander in nature ceaseless returns at every glance towards the window, climbing video, or moment walking to and from the car. Pictures of magnificent outdoor areas around the world are giving me that need to travel and see more.

Exploration is such a drive and motivation. I feel deeply satisfied with each new area I am able to wander through, yet equally as motivated to find another. It is a cycle that will never end, but a harmless one that never needs to. I revel in the potential for upcoming vacations to new areas.

It is important to always make time for the outdoors in anyway you can. There are so many rewards to gain, things to see, things to do, and oh so much to explore.

josh 3


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