Happy Earth Day!


As adventure lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, we gain much from nature. Nature offers us peace and solitude when we need a break or distraction from society. It offers us a deeper connection and sense of belonging when we are feeling out of place or lost in the unnatural world that we can sometimes become consumed in. It offers us understanding and an opportunity to think when things seem confusing or out of reach. It offers us a stunning backdrop for our sports, hikes, and explorations. It offers us the things we need to carry out the passions we most love. It offers us rocks to climb, woods to get lost in, snow to ski/snowboard down, mountains to climb, ice to climb, mud to run bikes through and gorgeous views for any of these things.


Nature offers us a special place to spend time with someone we love, it offers us the chance for warm picnics in the sun, running our hands through chilled water, relaxing to the sound of babbling streams, and feeling the strong mist of waterfall spray. All of my happiest moments seem to have nature involved; watching unbelievable sunsets, body surfing in sparkling waves, climbing to the top of a difficult boulder route and beaming with accomplishment, sitting next to a warm fire with my love, exploring the woods with my smiling and adventurous dog. There are so many different things we get from spending time outside.

spring coming through

It seems to help us grow, it teaches us things, it keeps us humbled and it raises our esteem, it calms us, it gets us thinking, and it offers of endless comfort even when we are struggling through uncomfortable times.

Chatfield flood

Nature is also strong. It is much stronger than us, and it lets us see how easily it could wipe us out in a second. We’ve witnessed some major and devastating storms in our lifetime. I, and perhaps you too, have experienced nature’s strength when getting swamped by a massive wave and flipping over endless under water gasping for breath. You experience it when the rock defeats you and humbles your abilities. You experience it when you are running to get out of a lightning storm and see those intense pure white staggered lines drop down from the sky. You experience it when you loss power for days, all your trees crack and blow down, or your roof gets ripped from the top of your house.

Happy Spring

Nature offers us many things, but it is powerful and ultimately something that must be respected. We all really should do our part to help protect nature, as a way to protect ourselves as well as a way to offer thanks for all that nature does provide to us. There is nothing more beautiful and awe inspiring than what nature has to offer on its finest days or even normal days.


Happy Earth Day everyone! Let us all celebrate the beauty, power, mystery, intrigue, stunning thing that nature is. What will you do to help honor this day? What stories do you have about nature and how amazing it can be?

new river gorge 4


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