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General Lee

We headed out for a weekday adventure to Pawtuckaway last week in hopes of enjoying the one day of dry sunshine. As luxurious as the warm sunshine feels and as excited for spring as we are, we can already feel the friction getting worse on sloper covered boulders. It may be time to switch gears to sport climbing soon. However, the friction is still strong enough and will be for a little longer.

This trip to Pawtuckaway was very different. Last time most of the boulders were seeping wet, with a few exceptions. We went this time seeking out those exceptions, to find the reverse. The ones that were seeping before were now bone dry, and everything else was now seeping. The climb list altered a little, but we still found plenty to work on.

Blair woods was mostly dry and held some enjoyable climbing. Boulder Natural was completely soaked and we didn’t have a chance to hop on anything. There were large puddles everywhere and the roads had transformed to streams. We were sliding around on ice from mud puddle to mud puddle.

We did hike around quite a bit and saw some incredible sights such as thick ice falls. Not quite tall enough to draw in ice climbers, but perhaps someone just starting out and wanting to be a little closer to the ground. Sort of like an ice boulder. There were serene streams babbling down the hills as well.

ice boulders

There are many areas where the snow has vanished, but still areas where you can fall up to your knees into it. It is interesting how some of the snow is still so deep. Some areas are unfortunate to step on because you fall through snow into puddles of water.

The day was soothingly warm, calm, and blissfully peaceful. We wandered from boulder to boulder giving it our all. I made some progress on General Lee, but am still struggling to overcome my fears of finishing the scoop. There is something about having other boulders behind me that really puts the fear of breaking an ankle into my mind. Josh and Ian made some progress and sends of V8s. It was an all around relaxing day.


At every stop, we were hoping our shoes and socks would air dry in the warmth. I tried hanging them from tree branches but it didn’t quite do the trick. At one point, Josh was hiking with a plastic bag on his foot to make up for the lack of socks and the rug burn from the boots. It was a wet day which made basking in the sun all that much nicer.

The boulder problems are endless at Pawtuckaway and we think there will likely be several more trips in the future to cover them all.



We ended our day at the Tuckaway Tavern. The Tavern has a menu filled with some of the most famous and enjoyable of comfort foods including mac and cheese, chop suey, meat loaf, spaghetti and meatballs, ribs, burgers and more. It is a place that has some really amazing things such as the Burgers, fries, and cake. However, the rest was just okay. Definitely somewhere to order the right items. It is right near the boulders though, and with the fireplaces inside it feels like a great way to wind down the day.

muscle josh


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