Happy First Day of Spring

Happy Spring

The air is feeling warmer, the snow is melting, revealing the green of the grass that we have so long been missing, and slushy mud is everywhere. Plants are starting to struggle up through the ground, and buds are forming on the trees. Robins and vibrant blue jays are soaring through the air and chirping merrily. Crew teams are rowing in unison down large brown rivers of rapidly running water, and messages for river rafting are flooding social media sites. All the signs show that spring is upon us.

Spring gives us longer hours of daylight and often more bearable temperatures for long days of bouldering outside. It also allows sport climbers to make their return to the crags. We look forward to no longer shoveling through snow, but are hopeful not to be held back by too much rain. Spring opens up the opportunity for other outdoor activities to commence. People will be excited to breath in the fresh air on mountain hikes, to take their kayaks out in the shimmering sea and rivers, and to spend days with their feet up and their rods bobbing in the quiet streams for fish. Cyclist will undoubtedly be flooding the streets again and riding gracefully at every turn. Spring gives the sense of renewal for many people who spend the winter as close to hibernating as possible.

The people who love winter sports will be frantically getting in their last days. Enjoying the last frosty ice coverings of cliffs, and the last snowy days on the mountains. They may be moving on to the comfort of their other springtime hobbies as well. Though spring is often dreary and rain covered, we always optimistically hope for the sunshine and flower days.


Hiking trails will be stunning as colorful plants spring up, lush greens cover the ground, and leaves and blooms blossom on the trees. There will be so much to see, as there is with each change of seasons. We will start feeling anxious to plan our next big climbing trip as we spend more days enjoying the rich texture of the rock and the feelings of crystals, pebbles, granite, etc. Spring is here and it is to be enjoyed.

It is also to be noticed that we are not far from earth day, and for some strange reason spring seems to also welcome a great deal of litter. While we are enthusiastic to be returning to the cliffs, it might be a good idea to get together some friends and arrange some cliff clean up and restoration days. We want our outdoor areas to be beautiful after all, and while they say one man’s trash is another’s treasure, we have to realize that some trash really just is everyone’s trash and it has no place in nature.

We thrive in nature because of the feeling of warm breezes on our skin, sunshine gleaming on our face, and all the remarkable beauty of nature from flowers to rocks to trees. We do not seek out nature to watch the mundane life of wild french fries and left over fast food, or to admire the beauty of broken vodka and beer bottles. I like to imagine that people reading this blog and feeling equally as passionate about adventures, would never be behind any of these problems. But, unfortunately, since we care most, we often are left with the duty of doing what we can to clean up the messes of ill informed others.

Anyway, in returning to more positive thoughts, I wish everyone on here a fantastic start to the spring! Hopefully you are all psyched for embarking on spring adventures, and enjoying the shift in nature that inspires each season. We appreciate the value in winter, summer, and fall. By fall we are ecstatic for the friction of cooler temperatures that we lacked in the sweaty days of summer, and the beauty of colorful trees. Though we love summer for chances to swim, feel the freedom of the warm, sunshine filled days, and enjoy all the highlights like ice cream, beach days, gardens, etc. Winter, of course, has its remarkable glistening snow covered and ice adventures. However, today is spring and it is exciting to start this particular series of chapters in the year!

Happy Spring! Keep warm, enjoy the sunshine, and get outside!

through the red rocks tree


2 thoughts on “Happy First Day of Spring

  1. I’m ecstatic at how many “hello spring” posts I’ve seen. For me, this is when the year starts.
    Even the Australians, for whom this is the first day of autumn, sound happy.

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