Desiring Spring


As our local crags and outdoor boulders sit surrounded and blanketed in large piles of icy white snow, we feel anxious for the warm sun of spring to melt them free. This weekend the temperatures and lack of wind made for a desirable winter stroll around the boulders. We hiked up hill on a path that paralleled a peacefully, babbling stream composed of tiny waterfalls. The waterfalls were shielded by a glossy ice cover, but they were still running beneath this sparkling screen.

The snow on the trail was packed down so tight our feet slide across it like pure ice. In certain areas we had to abandon the trail for the crunchy snow that our feet could still sink into. We approached the first boulder. The dry rock, the friction of the cold air, and the feel of the rock, sprang hope for future climbing days to be just ahead. We hiked to another boulder to see a miraculous site. The water had seeped down the entire boulder and the cold air froze it leaving a glassy looking rock.The rock glistened with a thin ice finish. We ran our hands across the smooth surface mesmerized by the appearance.

The snow is slowly melting down. The temperatures are getting a bit higher. The rock is drying from this precipitation filled winter. Soon we will be back on the boulders. We will be happy to breath in that fresh pine scented air. We will be glad to be reaching for gritty stone holds, and delighted to be wandering through trees with our heavy crash pads strapped to our backs. We will be grateful to feel the gently warm rays of the sun on our faces. We will be in wonder of all the fresh green wildlife as it peeks through the earth. We will welcome it all with smiles and light hearts. It is almost spring and the outdoor climbs are certainly calling.

through the trees


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