Quick Training Tips

The picture is from climbingholdreview.blogspot.com

The picture is from climbingholdreview.blogspot.com

A common mistake of training or working out in general, is that if you don’t feel it in the moment, it is not working. When we train, we need to decide what we are going to do and stick with it. You don’t want to overwork it, because you may be surprised the next morning. I went to the gym the other day with a set amount of ankle strengthening work outs and shoulder ones. All of which were new. Doing them felt decently easy and like I still hand some strength. However, I just stuck to the plan.

The next day my shoulders felt normal. I didn’t regret not working them more because it was a new work out. I knew that the next time, I would start with a higher weight. My ankles, however, which felt barely worked at all the night of were having a hard time the next day. My recovering ankle in particular felt very worked and borderline bad shape. It is important when trying new work outs to just stick to the right amount of reps and sets. Do not overdo it. As you see the effects of the workout, you can readjust accordingly. If you feel fine, then add more weight next time. If you feel a little sore, you have the right amount going. If you feel hurt or weak, then you may want to back down a little more next time.

Josh at Lincoln Woods

Another mistake is to keep going forever with the same workout. Let’s take pull ups for instant. You started doing pull ups and felt really strong. Now you can do a hundred pull ups but you don’t feel different. Our muscles need a bit of confusion and to be worked in all angles. When you first start with one exercise, you are getting stronger. The longer you stick with the same thing, the more you are just getting better at that one thing. After so many weeks of pull ups, you aren’t getting stronger. You are getting really good at pulls up. We have to factor in the muscle memory to do a certain move, and the fact that we are making one tiny portion of a huge overall picture, better. We need to switch up workouts to work out all of the muscles, keep our muscles readjusting, and keep our bodies getting stronger, not just more efficient at one move.

You could do one exercise for a couple weeks, then switch it up to get a fresh new strength. This might feel frustrating because you are always giving up something you are seeing gains with for something that you feel weaker at, but in the end this is helpful. Some people max out quickly on certain work outs. You fought to get to the point where you can do five pull ups, making steady progression the whole time. Now you can do six for days but never more. This is also a good point to switch workouts. It is not as frustrating of a switch. It is your body telling you it is ready to move on. Either way, switching it up is helpful.

josh at bradley

Finally, you want to make sure you are paying attention to your work outs, the results, and the goals you are accomplishing. It can be easy to just blindly do a training regiment hoping it will work as promised. However, you must keep in mind we all have different bodies. What worked well for the person recommending it, might not work for you. You want to pay attention to what is happening to your body and make adjustments and changes accordingly. You might swap out exercises, alter the amount of rest time a little, see huge gains in one type but not another, etc. We are all different and you must spend some time evaluating and making decisions for your personal program.


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