Love of Adventure


There are many people out there who hate Valentine’s Day, and may hate this snowy one even more (unless you love snow sports). I can understand the many sides of this debate, but ultimately I’ve come to the conclusion that we can’t stop these days from happening but we can put a spin on them that makes them work for us.

For instance, instead of Valentine’s Day being this dreadful day that makes you feel awful for being single, why not make it a day of self love or love for your passions? I really love climbing, so maybe it is my day to honor climbing. I might buy myself a piece of new gear as a present and spend my night on a date with the gym or night bouldering. You could get some other single friends together. Instead of crying over stupid love movies, watch the dreamy Chris Sharma in action through one of his climbing films, or maybe some videos of Sasha DiGuilian’s gorgeous technique. You can literally watch hours of Alex Honnold talking or be blown away by all the new Alex Johnson interviews. There is nothing wrong with being single and loving yourself instead. Or maybe buying a treat for that cuddly adventure dog companion. Make this day all about how amazing you are and how much you love yourself and the things you do. Even if you have a date this might be a great idea because we all need some self love.

heart puppy

If you are with someone special, but they hate how commercial the holiday is or that it is a Hallmark Holiday; My love, for instance, cannot stand the idea of going to buy the box of chocolates or flowers. That is okay too. Make it about spending time together and spend sometime together away from it all. Go climbing for a night, stay in and enjoy each other’s company, take a winter hike, or hit the slopes for some snowboard/skiing. Going back to nature is a fantastic way to keep the commercialism out of your events. Who gets stressed in the cool, crisp air of the outdoors when surrounded by beautiful snow tipped trees? Make it a day geared towards the type of people you are instead of some ridiculous societal expectations.

climbing valentines day

Sometimes we need to just take a step back from the crazy of society and remember that we live in a world filled with unbelievable outdoor beauty and the constant opportunity for exciting and thrilling adventure. How could you not love that?


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