Dark Horse Competition February 2014

Meagan MartinAshima

Today we went out to the Darkhorse competition in Everett, MA. It was my first time seeing a darkhorse competition live and my first time being to metrorock. I have to start off first by saying that the gym was awesome! They had some really interesting looking holds, features, and setting. I would love to go there again just to climb and have fun.


The competition was a lot of fun to watch. We saw a ton of professional climbers, really skilled climbers, and ambitious youth crushing challenging climbs. The competition was tough. There were a ton of climbers and they all were very skilled. It was amazing to watch, if you could get close enough. The crowd was thick and difficult to manuever around.


I highly recommend that climbers try competitions. Even if you are not a competive type. The route setting is interesting and top notch for competitions. The gym staffs really put their all into putting these things together, as well as the numerous companies who take part. At Darkhorse there were raffles, auctions, chalk demoing, sports nutrition, a bake sale, and resoling information. The different vendor tables were great to explore.

If you have dreams of being a great competition climber one day, you won’t get there without practice. We asked some professionals how they prepare, and most say going to as many competitions as possible. It is a worthwhile and educating experience to take part in each one. If you don’t do well, it is still fun and practice to put towards your ultimate goals. They also all have very fun beginner climbs for those who are worried they are not a pro yet. The beginner climbs at darkhorse looked awesome! As did the harder climbs. It was a great day and we hope to see you there next time!


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