Red Rocks, NV

Road to Red Rocks

Flying into Las Vegas for the first time was a very interesting sight. You look out the plane window to see a vast expanse of endless brown sand. Then beautiful, intricate canyon walls appear. They look so small, like mere bumps in the image, but you just know that is not the case. Then there is this large mass of dark blue water and all of the sudden a perfect grind of little buildings that look as small as Monopoly houses on little squares of land. It is breathtaking and surreal. How can miles of sand look so stunning?

Once we landed and got our 15 passenger van with the seats taken out so we could sleep in the back, we almost immediately left the city in search of Red Rocks. We stopped to rent pads, which are a great deal for a weekend but crazy expensive for a week long trip. It is one of those unfortunately things. Regardless, they were nice Asana crash pads that were in good condition. Comfortable to take a fall on, but not to sleep on top of.

red rocks

The red of the rocks was truly incredibly and a well worth seeing. It is like someone painted these mountains with careful thought and an awe inspiring ability to select colors. The rocks are everywhere. We struggled a little to find the climbing area due to how many rocks we saw that could be the climbing area. When we first started we were greeted by soft sand and boulders with a sandpaper like grip. We confidently flew up a few that probably weren’t even routes. The texture gave you the impression you could never fall. The color patterns were marvelous and intricate.

josh on red rocks

This was a very photogenic spot and I could hardly take a step without wanting another photo. Between the rich red and deep color of the rocks, and the vibrant blue sky that seemed clearer and brighter than any blue I have ever seen before, and the plentiful supply of interesting and unique plant life that jumped out in bright greens, this place was an amazing scene. While I had a grand time exploring all of the colors and textures each boulder held, Josh quickly was on a sending spree. This was a peaceful location surrounded by horses, boulders, and plants. Little lizards were quickly dodging in and out of rocks and scurrying across the sand so quickly it was hard to capture a good look.


Red Rocks is an overwhelmingly large amount of climbing in one area. The places are broken up into several different areas, but they are all a bike ride or walk apart. It is difficult to know where to begin without a solid plan. We had fun trying whatever we walked across. It was a great way to begin an adventure.

Moon over Red Rocks

It is nice for those vacationing that it is right outside of Vegas, because we were able to live like Kings for only $30 a night at the Las Vegas Hotel. For that price we were able to get a really nice room that came with a bathrobe and slippers. We also had access to a club room that had breakfast, snacks, and drinks without any charge. We definitely stocked up and took full use of that.

We also took a tour of Red Rock Canyon on our final day of the trip. It was a great opportunity to take in some more of the beauty the land had to offer as well as see another climbing area. If you had a bike, that would make an excellent ride and it seems like one many people do. We wished we had more time to do all of the hikes and really get into the rocks. It would be worth going back some time for that.

me on quarry

josh red rock canyon


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