Climbing Together and Other Fun Adventures was founded in 2010 as a meetup.com group with the goal of creating a face to face climbing community for climbers in Western MA and all over CT. It is still a very successful group with over 300 members and weekly meetups. There is some strong loyalty among group members as well.

Climbing Together expanded into a facebook page in order to allow sharing of information, videos, and photos in an easier to access way than the meetup provided. This gave the creator of Climbing Together a chance to share training tips for advanced and new climbers alike. It also was hoping to allow on the spot opportunities to set up outdoor climbing partners since the weather is a little unpredictable for a scheduled group. However, Climbing Together really took off in a new but very exciting way. It attracted likes from all around the world and received recognition from some big names in the climbing world. Climbing Together decided to go with this new direction and strive to be a website that encompassed all the valuable information about sport climbing, bouldering, ice climbing, mountaineering and other adventures (snowboarding, skateboarding, trips around the world, surfing, etc).

Social media is great for allowing dreams like this to become a reality. However, it is not the best place for detailed information about training, nutrition, trip reports, and all the other things we’d like to share with interested fans. Therefore, while the twitter and facebook build up, we will post blogs here to share there.

Let’s tell you a little about Climbing Together’s current dreams. We’d like to one day own a climbing gym that holds the best in advance and up to date training for the serious climber. All the equipment you’d need as well as a wall where you could set your own projects that duplicated outdoor ones to keep working on your send even in bad weather. We’d like to help train the strongest. However, we’d also like a super fun gym in an ideal location for all levels. We’d like to do more for outside climbers by helping find cheap lodging, food, rentals, and information for those traveling to our near by crags. We’d also like to have a cafe that makes getting the right nutrition easy. You could look up what you want (strength, muscle, endurance, energy, etc) and we’d have the meal for that. We’d like to be a one stop source of information for beginners and advanced a like. We want to be your go to adventure source.

We have big dreams and it may take a while to get there, but we are passionate and innovative thinkers that are willing to work hard. We care about climbing a lot. In fact, you might say it is our lives. We’d like to give back to the community in all the most important ways. Follow our blog and you will get exciting climbing news, training information, our take on some big issues in climbing, nutritional tips and recipes, trip reports, and gear reviews. Join us and let us know your thoughts. We love feedback.



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