Climbing Tip: If you are training, spend some time finding the ideal training time for you

Climbing Tip: If you are training, spend some time finding the ideal training time for you.

There are many people out there who have super busy lives and are able to just do what they can. It is great they make it work. However, if you are able to and can, you should try to find the ideal times for you to work the hardest and most efficiently. Some climbers work really well in the morning. They like going first thing when they are fresh with energy and before they eat much. Some people do better later at night when they have gotten all they need to done and are able to focus.

I find going too early is pointless because I’m far from a morning person. I can barely think straight or function when I first wake up. However, going too late at night is almost the same. I’m just ready for bed. In fact the past couple times I’ve had to go late at night due to a very busy schedule, and I was so weak it was frustrating.

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It is unfortunate because training mid day can be a big challenge with time. However, when you feel the best, you get the most out of your workout. When I can go to the gym right after work or a little earlier in the afternoon, my work out feels great. Going early afternoon on a weekend is perfect.

The ideal time is when your mind is motivated and focus, your energy is at its peak, and you are just all around psyched to be there.

Some other things may factor in then just time of day. Some people have different thoughts on how much they should eat. Some people feel best when they have a little light meal and are not weighed down by a big meal. Some people need that energy to keep going. Find your right balance between meals, and even your best pre-workout foods, and you will be hitting the gym stronger and ready to go.

Thinking about when your mind is most likely to be clear is important too. If you are going to be nervous about getting somewhere else in time or preoccupied with your to do list, you won’t have the mental focus. Mental focus and being in the moment is very important.

So these things might seem impossible to find all together. There are ways to manage, however. Find the right time of day. Arrange your meals accordingly around that time. Take some time on your drive or pre-workout to focus your mind and set aside any distracting thoughts. Maybe write them all down, find a different time to worry about them, or tell yourself for the next hour or two you got to let them go, but after you can come back to them.

It’s important to keep in mind how your body and mind feel when training. It’s not just physical. When all parts are in sync, you have the ingredients for success.


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